Suicide Club

by sister,brother

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released January 12, 2019

Recorded sometime in 2018.
Recorded,mixed,and mastered by Scotty Sandwich


all rights reserved



sister,brother Durham, North Carolina

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Track Name: Sorry, Why are we doing this again?
I’m sorry, why are we doing this again?
Lost trying to fill the holes
broken equilibrium, lost control
scared some ghost will steal your soul
well lets discuss you
you sadistic troll
long gone
set apart
waiting for lifes last fart
living in a office
fiddling with an orifice
praying for the greenest lawn
knowing it will be gone by dawn

Can I get a clue?
Do you have a smoke?
I am just trying to fuck myself
while living this lifes
sick, sick
sad, sad
Is this world beautiful?
Track Name: Perpetual state of being
Perpetual state of being

Tell me to happy and to have sense of humor
when there’s no humor in happiness
I keep all my hate in side and just put on a smile
And sit beside you and watch it burn
since my happiness seems to be your only concern
I’ll stand beside you and watch it burn
take on your apathy and all the ideas that you adorn

The crown you wear is made of shit
placing yourself above the rest in this mess
and can’t you see we are all sick of it
I can stand tall and take all the hits
a mist all this tear gas and jest
or just embrace my inner hypocrite

I am over it
Track Name: Dystopia?! I barely knowpia
Dystopia?! I barely knowpia

Totally connected and tapped in
oracle in hand
ready to do thye bidding at your command

I am living in the boxes you tell me
I am eating off the trays that you serve me
is this the why it had always been?
Or the way it will always be?

I need to believe what you tell me
even though I don’t understand
Or you will come and get me
this is a game
this is your plan
this a game
this is their plan

Those that you have left out of your scheme
are left with nothing but unrealized dreams
How do you not see this as obscene?
I am forced to be how you want me to be
or be pushed out side your walls
and just have a second to see the real me
with nothing but poison air to breathe

make it stop
shut it off
let me go
make it stop
let me off
make it stop
let me go
Fucking kill me
I am done
Track Name: For a headless world
For a Headless World
Hey you!
stuck in this spinning spiral5rt4t/-. just thinking what?
Do you remember where you have come from?
Or have you already forgot?
Now blind to the world
Dead to yourself
the only things you know are real can fit up on a shelf.

Broken down my friend,

feeling down,
feeling low,
take some pills,
do some blow
or just make angels in the snow.
you might survive you’ll never know
feeling sad
all alone
troll a trend or fuck a pro
read a book
breathe nice and slow
you might feel better
you never know

my friend,
you might be better off without your head
my friend
you never know
you’ll never know

my friend
you might be better off without you head
Track Name: Tales from the south station bathroom
Tales from the south station bathroom

I wake up every morning on a pillow of rocks
the squirrels I ate for dinner last night I now wear as socks
The rats living in my beard are my only trusted friends
I am gonna drink this vhs tape/battery acid cocktail until the end

I am gonna take a shit in a urinal just for fun
gonna go jerk off in a dumpster
I am living off my own cum
I would end it all but i don’t have a gun

there’s no coming back
once you fall through the cracks
you get boot on your neck
and a knife in your fucking back
there’s no coming back
Track Name: It takes a village to know we are all fucked
It takes a village to know we are all fucked

I spend all my time and money based
on how I compare to somebody else
instead of cutting my own path and finding the time to loose myself
I believe if I get more cash than everybody else
ill be complete and finally get what I deserve
Fuck the rest
I am better than everybody else
this is what I always tell myself

But I am really scared
and fucking lonely too
I just don’t know what to do with myself
could someone please tell me what to do

But I am really scared
and fucking lonely too
could someone please fucking tell me what to do

If I didn’t have these institutional guidelines to follow id be screwed
thank you institutional guidelines for telling me what to do
Track Name: Tell me a joke
Tell me a joke
Oh doctor please can you help me?
The weight of the world is going to snap me
if this sadness is soon not gone
I don’t think I’ll make it very long

I think you should go see this famous clown in town
he’ll turn that frown upside down

but doctor, that clown is me

Track Name: Chillin at the Main st culdasack
Chillin at the Main st Culdasack

Clairvoyant catastrophe or a monstrous calamity
A delusional philosophy at the point of hypocrisy
waiting for your scratch ticket pay day
with a nap sack full of dreams
believed to be impossible and totally obscene
Track Name: Why don't you take a step back Judgy McJudgerton
Why don’t you take a step back judgy McJudgerton

comparing in a competition where there's no judge and nobody listening
lets me know that you are part of the problem
why are you going with that flow?
How the fuck are you not resisting?
Can’t you see the world you are missing?

Are you really so in love with the asses you are kissing?
Are you really so in love?

I am happy with who I am
why does it seem like you have problem seeing me and not someone on tv, famous and rich that you were
because you wish you were somebody else
But I am fine being me so you don’t you shut the fuck up and just leave me be

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